General project objectives

The objective of PREWAM project is to establish startup CLOUDWATER LTD with the ultimate aim to develop a unique product based on the novel concept of low-cost near-real time monitoring of PWV (Precipitable Water Vapor, based on all available GNSS systems (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BeiDou). The underlying idea of PREWAM is the application of low-cost, dual-frequency GNSS technology and rapid-prototyping, for the development of an affordable PWV monitor that will facilitate nowcasting of PWV over a certain area of approximately 25 km2.

The monitor will augment the operation of nearby commercially available meteorological stations in order to enhance monitoring of local weather conditions and provide real-time information to enrich weather forecasting on various spatial and temporal scales in the context of “Big-data” processing, exploiting high performance computing offered by an increasing number of agencies and companies nationally and globally.

Monitoring of severe and abrupt weather events is extremely important due to their detrimental impact on a wide array of economy sectors and their forecasting is expected to generate a huge investment potential in the next decade. CLOUDWATER LTD will develop a prototype which will be tested and validated in Cyprus in accordance to international market standards.

Project structure

The project consists of 8 work packages:

WP1. Project Management

WP2. Dissemination and Communication Activities

WP3. Market Analysis

WP4. Low-cost GNSS receiver hardware development

WP5. Software innovation towards working prototype

WP6. Product validation & verification

WP7. Marketing and Branding

WP8. Financing and Sustainability


The project “PREcipitable WAter vapour Monitor”—PRE_SEED/0719(B)/0187 is co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund (through the ‘Creation and Initial Development of STARTUPs with International Orientation’ RESTART 2016-2020 Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation)