General project objectives

The scope of SWVASCY project relates to the development of a GNSS satellite Water Vapour service over Cyprus  exploiting a dense regional GNSS network of stations and the state-of-the-art WRF meteorological modeling tool. This near real-time monitoring service will consist of two components:

1. the Observational component which will process raw GNSS tropospheric data from all available GNSS constellations (including the European GNSS Galileo) to provide near real-time Integrated Water Vapor (IWV), which is a direct indicator of extreme precipitation events, and

2. the Simulation component for GNSS tropospheric Data Assimilation (DA) to WRF model. The latter will provide continuous and uninterruptible information for short-range forecasting and early warning of severe precipitation events based on GNSS-derived IWV. This service will facilitate near real-time mapping and visualization of IWV over Cyprus at a high spatial resolution, which is a key requirement for accurate short-scale weather forecasting and long-term climate research. It will also introduce a new approach in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) short-range rainfall forecasting by exploiting GNSS data assimilation.

Project structure

The project consists of 8 work packages:

WP 1:  Project Management

WP 2:  Requirements analysis

WP 3:  GNSS tropospheric Analysis Component (AC)

WP 4:   GNSS tropospheric Simulation Component (SC)

WP 5:   Service design & development

WP 6:   Service product validation


The project “Satellite Water VApour Service CYprus ” is funded by the European Space Agency within the 5th  call for outline proposals under the plan for European cooperating states (PECS) in Cyprus (AO/1-10838/21/NL/SC)